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Links to Schools & PTAs in our 26th District

PTA Unit Officers' list must be updated and sent to your district and state.

Option 1. Updated officers' form or list should be emailed here.  Download a New Officers' Form here or
Option 2. Click here to enter online.

If your school is not listed or does not have a PTA/PTSA, please email our Kentucky PTA office to request a PTA Unit and they will help to get one started there. First steps include: Getting SBDM approval, then having a general meeting to approve bylaws with 30 days notice, minimum 10 paid members and a quorum (over half).  Scroll down for photo submission details.

   Following are the links to the schools with PTA/PTSAs in our district along with the last reported President.

Ashland Independent - Superintendent Steve Gilmore 327-2706

Boyd County - (R.) Brock Walter 928-4141

Carter County - Ronnie Dotson 475-6696 

Greenup County - Sherry Horsley-Interim  473-9819 

Lawrence County, KY - Robbie Fletcher  638-9671

Raceland-Worthington Independent - Larry Coldiron 836-2144

Russell Independent - Sean Horne 836-9679

Lewis County in Vanceburg,     Maurice Reeder 796-2811

Elliott County in Sandy Hook,   Dr.C.Thomas Potter, II 738-8002


 2016 Updated Local Superintendent Contact List:

Superintendent  System     Email                                                 Phone                 Fax

Brock Walters     Boyd Co   (606) 928-4141   Fax 928-4771

Sherry Horsley    Greenup Co 606) 473-9819  Fax 473-5710

Sean Horne         Russell IS (606) 836-9679  Fax 836-2865  GC

Michael Taylor    Fairview IS (606) 324-3877  Fax 324-2288 BC

Larry Coldiron     Raceland-Worthington IS (606) 836-2144  Fax 833-5807 GC


Jerry Foster, Principal  Rose Hill (thru HS)  (606) 329-1957  Fax (606) 324-6420 1001 Winslow Rd., Ashland 41102  BC

Rhonda Suman, Dir of Dev Holy Family (thru HS) (606) 324-7040 Fax (606) 324-6288 932 Winchester Ave. BC

Don Gibson, Administrator Harvest Christian Academy (k-12) 73 Old Schoolhouse Rd., South Portsmouth 41174 (606) 932-3007​ GC




     Your input is also important and welcome!  Please "contact us" to provide information  for the website in addition to your general feedback  Please include a description and date of the event with your photos.  Include names with photo and make sure the photographed persons approved for you to submit the pictures.

(Note: Elliott, Lewis counties and Fairview Independent Schools are in this district, but they have PTOs or no active PTA units.)

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Special Education Parent Teacher Association (SEPTA) 

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It only takes ten members to charter a new SEPTA, but the process can begin with even fewer people. As your District PTA President, I will help set up an informational meeting where interested parents would come to learn about the Special Education PTA, get their questions answered, and learn about the process to organize the new SEPTA.  Please let us know if you would be interested in this dynamic addition to our PTA family!

     Click here, for more basic information about Special Education.

Selected Criteria to Evaluate at your School

 'Here are some guidelines to help you to evaluate schools in addition to various test scores.

Make a judgment about the overall quality of the school. You don't need to go strictly by the numbers you rate the school in each category, and you can also consider other factors, such as the level of student achievement and the physical condition of the school. Select a rating that reflects your bottom-line evaluation of how the school is meeting the needs of your child and how it is serving the community.

Principal leadership

Great principals, those who merit a rating of 5, create and maintain a culture of achievement and support throughout the school. They establish high expectations for academics and behavior, and do everything possible to attract, develop and support high-quality teachers. Great principals ensure that teachers have specific plans for student learning and ways to assess student progress. They have the courage and stamina to set ambitious goals for the school, and hold themselves and staff members accountable for showing progress toward these goals. In addition, they are accessible to parents and other members of the school community and respond to their concerns.

Teacher quality

Consider the overall quality of the teaching staff, not just your own child's teachers. Good teachers establish high expectations for academics and behavior. They are well organized and have a clear plan for what students should be learning on a daily, monthly and yearly basis. They know their subject matter, and they use multiple teaching strategies to reach students who come to school with varying skills and interests. They give regular feedback to students and challenge them to achieve their personal best. At the same time, they go to great lengths to care for and support students personally. They communicate openly and clearly with parents and work well with their colleagues.

Extracurricular activities

Consider the variety and quality of activities at the school. A highly rated school involves a large number of students in a variety of extracurricular activities, including sports, the arts, and intellectual and cultural interests. Teachers and coaches who supervise extracurricular programs pay attention to character development, as well as the level of performance and commitment to the activity. Scholarships are available for activities that require a fee.

Parent involvement

Evaluate the quantity and quality of parent involvement. In a highly rated school, parents play important leadership roles on the school site council, PTA and in other organizations. A school with strong parent involvement attracts a large percentage of parents to school functions. The school offers a variety of opportunities for parent participation, such as school events, classroom projects and school wide committees. Parents are respectful of teachers and the principal, and the teachers and principal seek out and value input from parents.

Safety and discipline

In a school that merits a 5, the staff and parents work together to create and maintain high expectations for student behavior. Discipline procedures are clear and are carried out consistently. Bullying, gang activities and oppressive behavior, such as sexism and racism, are not tolerated. Students feel safe when they are dropped off at school, the campus is tidy, the restrooms and cafeteria are kept clean. The playground equipment meets safety codes, and recesses are well supervised. Schools that pay attention to safety do not provide easy access to strangers.

(Excerpt from

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