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Founders' Day

February 17th is PTA Founders' Day!  This is a day to remember and celebrate all that the Parent-Teacher Association has done for our schools and our children.  This is an organization that encourages and helps parents be an active part of the child’s education.  Note:  Units can celebrate Founders' Day on another day if that's more convenient. Planners, try publishing the dates and overview of your celebrations in the city's newspaper, school letters and with the district president!

We are asking all PTA Honorary Life Recognition recipients to email their name and phone numbers to Brenda Martin with Subject: "PTA Life . .." so that schools can email invitations as possible to save money.  In some schools, hundreds of invitations are mailed, some are returned due to outdated addresses and around 5% (or less) actually attend. Also email us or call your school to confirm dates for celebrations for family and friends that you know are Lifetime members. Other PTA leaders, members, volunteers and community supporters are encouraged to attend!

National PTA Founders

The National Congress of Mothers, now the National PTA, was founded in 1897 in Washington D.C., by Alice McLellan Birney and Phoebe Apperson Hearst. They called for action and 2000 people responded. Today, the National PTA has almost 5.5 million members in 54 Congresses.

In 1926, Mrs. Selena Sloan Butler of Georgia, founded the National Congress of Colored Parents and Teachers to address the special needs of students in the states where segregation was legally sanctioned. In 1970, the two PTAs formally merged. Mrs. Butler is recognized as a co-founder of the National PTA. For more information, visit

Celebrate Founders' Day

  1. Display pictures and memorabilia describing PTA’s more than 100-year history
  2. Research and draw up your PTA’s historic milestones
  3. Observe the inclusiveness of PTA’s founding by organizing a culture festival celebrating your community’s various ethnic and cultural groups.
  4. Present Honorary Life Recognition Awards to past PTA presidents and other volunteers who have made a tremendous impact in their communities.
  5. Invite all past living PTA presidents to attend a special meeting.
  6. Recite the mission of the National PTA at a special meeting.
  7. Put on a musical revue, play, or pageant.
  8. Send a Founders' Day gift to National PTA, such as $1 for each year of membership or $1 for every unit chartered.
  9. Locate and highlight any resolutions that your PTA sent forward to the state or National PTA.
  10. Share information from the National PTA through mailings to members.
  11. Celebrate each year of National PTA with a scoop of ice cream to be shared with students at a special party.
  12. Challenge students to research PTA and create a school display or mural.
  13. Ask local grocers and vendors to print PTA anniversary messages on their bags.


Honorary Life Recognition Awards

Your unit can acknowledge Founder's Day Awardees or Lifetime Member Awards and celebrate previous winners! Many PTA units distribute Award Nomination forms to their school's PTA board members to select one or two people to bestow this award upon for their volunteer service and donations over the years! (See sample nomination form,) This can be a parent, grandparent, community leader, teacher, etc.  The person(s) with the most nominations win according to your requirements.  Ties might require a vote by your PTA board to resolve. When the winner is announced, an officer or Founders' Day Chair/leader can read the submitted reasons the person was nominated.  Then a flower, award, and/or pin can be given (or more according to your unit.) Often, receptions are held afterward as included in the budget or as donors provide. Notice, recipients are not required to be PTA members, but do have to join if they want to be voting members.

More awards can be given but must be agreed upon by your board and included in your budget.  Award winners can receive a formal certificate and/or pin that must be ordered and paid for by the PTA officer and sent to the state PTA. See this form for details. (For other award information, click here.)

Largest Volunteer Association Advocating for Children
The PTA is the largest volunteer association that advocates for children.  PTA provides tools, resources and programs for parents and families to help their children succeed in school.

The National PTA website describes Founders' Day by saying:

“It’s a time to reflect and take pride in our many accomplishments, and to renew our commitment to be:

  • a powerful voice for all children,
  • a relevant resource for parents,
  • and a strong advocate for public education”.